BREED: Bouvier des Flandres
GENDER: Female (spayed)
AGE: Born 4/17/12
COLOR: Black brindle, docked tail, cropped ears

BIO: Ashley was found running stray in a field. When she arrived she was a filthy, matted mess, full of burrs and reeked to high heaven. She smelled like the worst case of pond scum you could possibly imagine. She was scanned for a microchip – there wasn’t one. All efforts to find her owners were exhausted. We even drove around the area she was found looking for flyers – nothing. Ashley had a collar (that was imbedded in her matted fur) but no ID tags. We are completely dumbfounded as to why no one was looking for her or that whoever had her did not love her enough to microchip her or put ID tags on her. After two very long baths and a LOT of perfume you could finally be in the same room as her without your eyes watering. As many burrs as possible were picked out of her, hoping to save her coat, but she was matted right to the skin and had to be shaved right down. Ashley bonded so quickly with her foster Mom and she was thinking about adopting her. She already has a male and two female Bouviers (all rescues and spayed & neutered). Usually she keeps the Bouviers with severe medical problems or the ones that she feels would not be adopted. Because everyone got along so well, she thought she would reward herself by making room in the pack for a “keeper”. She had Ashley for two months when there were two unexpected altercations between Ashley and her one female “problem child”. Ashley still gets along with her other two Bouviers, but is on very “high alert” when it comes to her “problem child”, and has since had to keep them separated 24/7. She tried muzzles, leashing them and gradually reintroducing them, neither worked. She has come to realize that it is not fair to Ashley, her other two Bouviers, or her “problem child” that they should have to live like this. Because of their demeanor when they see each other she doesn’t feel it will ever work as far as getting them back together. Ashley is such a sweetheart. She loves giving kisses and being petted. She is now completely housetrained and knows many commands. Ashley is very agile & loving and just wants to be loved in return. Ashley bonds very quickly with people. The vet thinks she is between 5 & 7 years old – however, she looks and acts like a 3 yro. So we split the difference and am saying she is a very young 6yro. We are looking for the PERFECT forever home for Ashley. It tears the foster Mom’s heart out to have to make this decision – but she wants what is best for Ashley and is afraid of breaking her spirit if she continues trying to make it work with her “problem child”. Ashley is very “hand shy” and does not like people yelling or being rough with each other – it just devastates her. We feel she probably came from a very abusive home. We are looking for a home where Ashley will be an “only child”, the center of attention, no children unless it’s young adults. A home where she can flourish, feel safe and not have to be afraid of being abandoned or mistreated ever again. She loves to play but is very content sitting next to you watching TV. Ashley was introduced to other dogs, but since the altercations it didn’t work well. She knows and responds to the name Ashley, we sincerely hope that her new family appreciates it enough to let her keep the name that she responds to. Ashley is heartworm negative, on heartworm preventative, UTD on all vaccinations and microchipped. Ashley is an indoor dog and being fostered in Westland, MI. Not cat friendly. We will only be considering applications that completely meet all of our criteria. You must have a completely fenced and secure yard (not electric)

**UPDATE: Ashley was adopted 5/9/18 by a very loving and knowledgeable Bouvier family in Harrison Twp, MI. They recently had to say goodbye to their beloved Skye, who they adopted in 2008. Ashley not only has a new forever Mom & Dad, but also has a new Bouvier brother named Phred

BREED: Saint Bernard
GENDER: Female (spayed)
AGE: 4/22/12
COLOR: Tri-colored (white, brown, black)
WEIGHT: 96.8#

BIO: Hi there, please meet Dora. Dora is a lively, lovable, good natured, five year old female St. Bernard that will absolutely make your heart melt. Dora was surrendered to Making Miracles Animal Rescue along with a couple of other St. Bernards. She was adopted out once, but regretfully and tearfully was returned due to allergy problems in the family. Dora is a real snuggle bug and is looking to snuggle her way into your heart and home. Dora is a quiet, friendly big ball of fluff who absolutely loves people. Dora is housetrained, microchipped, UTD on all vaccinations and heartworm negative. Dora will make some lucky family very happy and bring plenty of fun and entertainment to a variety of homes. Are you that lucky family? Dora loves going for walks and does exceptionally well on leash. Dora is not a very needy girl, but you must make time to spend with her. You would have to meet Dora to see and appreciate what a captivating lady she is. We would love to see this beauty finally find her own forever home. She has such a wonderful personality and just wants to please you. She is a hunka, hunka burning love. Dora gets along great with people and size appropriate children. This is a courtesy post for Making Miracles Animal Rescue (aka Sanilac Scoopers), please fill out our online application and we will make sure it is forwarded to the appropriate parties. WE have previously found loving homes for quite a few St. Bernards in the past, and are hoping to be able to do the same for Dora. You MUST have a completely fenced and secure yard (not electric or invisible) in order to adopt her. She is currently being fostered in Imlay City, MI.

**UPDATE: Dora was adopted 2/18/18 by a phenomenal couple that drove down from McHenry, IL.

NAME: NICKY (formerly Nitro)
BREED: Miniature Schnauzer
GENDER: Male (neutered)
AGE: Born 11/22/12
COLOR: White

BIO: Hi there, please meet Nitro. He was surrendered to SCBR because his former owner has been going thru serious medical treatments and is physically unable to continue to care for him. Nitro’s family felt that it was in his best interest to let us find him a family that could better love and care for him. Nitro is a very friendly and lovable boy that gets along well with other small dogs (we don’t know about cats) and responsible older children. Nitro knows and follows commands. Nitro is house and crate trained. He is UTD on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and micro-chipped. Surprisingly, for being a small dog, he LOVES jumping and rolling around in the snow. Nitro walks well on a leash and just loves spending time with you. Because he came from a very quiet household he is a little skittish when there is a lot of activity going on around him. We feel he would be best suited in a mature family without the hustle and bustle of younger children running around. So if you are looking for that special someone to cuddle up on the couch with you and watch TV, Nitro is your boy. He has such a wonderful personality and just wants to please you. You must have a completely fenced and secure yard (not electric or invisible) in order to adopt him. He is currently being fostered in Imlay City, MI.

**UPDATE: Nicky was officially adopted 1/24/18 by a wonderful family in Leonard, MI.

BREED: Bouvier des Flandres
GENDER: Male (neutered)
AGE: Born 4/17/17
COLOR: Dark Gray/black & Silver brindle, docked tail, natural ears

BIO: Parker was found running loose in the middle of a rain storm. He was a filthy, matted, mess when found and was not micro-chipped or have any identification on him. We checked all the lost and founds and drove around looking for flyers posted and found nothing. Evidently his previous owner did not care enough about him to make sure that in case he did ever get loose that he would be safely returned to them. Because of the condition he was in – we had to shave him right down. When he was shaved and bathed, we thought he was just a regular dark gray and were pleasantly surprised to see how drop dead gorgeous he really was under all those mats and dirt. We are looking for the perfect forever home for Parker. Because he is so young and full of life, he is looking for a family that will out-live him both physically and mentally. Parker appears to be house trained, he gets along great with older children, adults and most other dogs. He just loves, loves, loves, to play. Parker walks well on a leash and his foster Mom has taught him all the basic commands. He does not like being confined in a crate, or locked in a room, possibly because that is what his prior life existed of. So if you are looking for a young boy that is exuberant and a fast learner, Parker is your boy. Parker is heartworm negative, on heartworm preventative, UTD on all vaccinations and lifetime micro-chipped. Parker is still a puppy and is still full of himself. He wants to be around the “action”, not segregated from people or young adults when they are playing. If you run, he will chase and try to herd you. He is not aggressive, he is just a Bouvier puppy doing what is bred into him. When there is nothing going on around him, he is perfectly content to lay by your side and just chill out. Because of his size and exuberance, we will not consider any children under 12 years of age. Because everyone always wants a “baby” we are sure to be inundated with applications. We will be carefully screening all applications and applicants to ensure that we can find a perfect match for this lovable boy. Parker is an indoor dog and being fostered in Imlay City, MI. He does not appear to be cat friendly. We will only be considering applications that completely meet all of our criteria. You MUST have a COMPLETELY fenced and secure yard (not electric or invisible) in order to be considered to adopt him.

**UPDATE: Parker was adopted 8/15/18 by a phenomenal Bouvier family in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They had just recently lost their beloved Kato and the whole family fell madly in love with Parker. They drove ten hours each way to make this happen. It was love at first sight all the way around. Parker was a perfect gentleman on the long ride home and has melted everyone's heart that has met him since he got home. This was a match made in heaven. We could not have been more impressed by the commitment, caring and accommodations this family is willing to make for Parker.

BREED: Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix (Chiranian)
GENDER: Female (spayed)
AGE: approx. 3 years young (8/23/15)
COLOR: Beige & White

BIO: Hi everybody, my name is Penny. I was found running loose in a busy store parking lot by a major highway. I had been running scared there most of the day when I very willingly accepted being saved by a concerned dog lover. I’m lucky to be alive. I had no identification or collar and was scanned for a microchip. I am spayed, updated on all my shots, heart worm tested (negative) and micro-chipped w/lifetime registration. I will be ready to go to my new home mid- September after I have recovered from being spayed. I am totally house broken. I will chase cats, but don’t know what to do with them when they stop. I really want to catch my Foster Mom’s chickens in the worst way. I do play with my Foster Mom’s daycare dogs, roughly but well supervised. My Foster Mom just loves me and was seriously thinking about adopting me, but feels I would be better suited in a home of my own where I wouldn’t have to compete for attention or with another dog in comparable size and activity level. I do love going for walks and I love to snuggle and cuddle. I am not an excessive barker. Because I am so tiny and breakable, I would be best suited with older children (8+). If you are looking for that special someone to share your life and love with – I might be just what you are looking for. I am 100# of love and companionship in a 10# body. You must have a completely fenced and secure yard (not electric or invisible fence) in order to adopt me. I am currently being fostered in Almont, MI.

**UPDATE: Penny was adopted 9/15/18 by a very loving family in Ypsilanti, MI. She not only has a new forever home, but also a new "four legged" Corgi/Papillon mix brother named Connor.

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