Available Bouvier des Flandres

NAME: MEIKA (fawn)
BREED: Bouvier des Flanders (AKC)
GENDER: Female (spayed)
AGE: Born 1/18/10
COLOR: Fawn Brindle (docked tail, cropped ears)
WEIGHT: 117#

NAME: MOOSTA (black)
BREED: Bouvier des Flandres (AKC)
GENDER: Male (will be neutered)
AGE: Born 4/4/10
COLOR: Black (docked tail, cropped ears)
WEIGHT: 98.8#

BIOS: Hi there, our names are Meika and Moosta. We were purchased as puppies for breeding purposes when we were a couple of months old. We were surrendered to SCBR by our Dad, because he was moving out of state for work and was unable to take us with him. Meika has had a couple of litters of puppies with her mate, Moosta. Meika and Moosta are a “bonded pair” and must be adopted out together. They are both housetrained, crate trained and very intelligent and obedient. They walk well on a leash and were the perfect passengers on their rescue ride from Gladwin, MI. They are both very well trained and would be the perfect addition to any family. They get along fabulously with children, adults and other dogs. Meika is definitely NOT cat friendly, as her Foster Mom found out a couple days after she arrived. Without any warning, her cat accidently found himself in Meika’s mouth. She didn’t hurt him, just covered him with slobber – but needless to say – could have done damage if I she had wanted to. Everyone at the vets office fell in love with both of them. Regretfully neither of them had been kept UTD on vaccinations, heartworm tested or on heartworm preventative and poor Moosta checked low-positive for heartworm and will therefore have to undergo heartworm treatment. Because they are so bonded, Moosta was beside himself when he was separated for Meika’s surgery. He wouldn’t eat, drink or anything – just paced and wailed while she was gone. Their Foster Mom has tried to separate them, but poor Moosta cannot be without his mate. For that reason, it has been decided that they must be adopted together. Moosta will be getting his heartworm treatment shortly and will have to be quarantined for a month to make sure he is “cured”. Because he was so traumatized when separated from Meika, SCBR and the vets feel that Meika should physically be with Moosta to comfort him thru his recovery. Moosta will be neutered once he has fully recovered from his heartworm treatment. They will both be UTD on all vaccinations, heartworm negative and microchipped (w/lifetime registrations) when adopted. If you are interested in adopting this very special bonded pair you must have a completely fenced and secure yard (not electric or invisible fence). We are currently screening all applications – looking for that special home that this pair deserves. They are both currently being fostered in Imlay City, MI.


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BREED: Basenji mix
GENDER: Female (spayed)
AGE: Born 5/21/15
COLOR: Beige & White
UPDATED BIO: Hi there, my name is Rosie. I am a one year old, vet thinks Basenji mix. I originally came from Alabama when I was a puppy. I was surrendered to SCBR by an older couple that adopted me from the Humane Society. They truly loved me, but didn’t take into consideration that I was so young and they were not physically able to supply me with the energy that it takes to raise a puppy. They put me on a social media page and received a ton of replies, but none of the inquiries were what they wanted for me. They desperately wanted me to go to a home that had my best interest at heart, they wanted more for me and knew that theirs was not the ideal situation. I am a sweet girl that can run like the wind. I have had basic obedience and agility classes and had been taken to doggy day care, which I absolutely loved. I am submissive and very calm in the house and in the car. I get along fabulously with children (preferably over 9yro) and other dogs. My foster Mom feels that I am missing something in my life and that piece is a dog buddy, and I would love to go to a home with another dog that is also looking for a companion and is willing to run and play. When I am with another dog I am in my element. I am desperately looking for a playmate and companion to share my love of life with. Especially another dog that loves to run and play and that leads an active lifestyle with lots of energy to spare. I have never chewed up anything. I am a little shy when meeting people for the first time and I need a bit of confidence building, but would truly make a loving companion for the right family. I not only love to play, I also love to cuddle. My foster Mom just loves me to death. I know some basic commands and love to go for walks. So if you are looking for a new best friend and loving companion – look no further – I am your girl. I am house trained, crate trained, up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm negative, micro-chipped (w/lifetime registration). Thunderstorms, vacuum cleaners, load noises do not bother me. I am currently being fostered in Imlay City, MI. You MUST have a completely fenced and secured yard (six foot fence & gate is preferred because I am very agile – NOT electric or invisible) in order to adopt me. Probably not cat friendly.
**PLEASE NOTE: Roxy is a very young puppy and we will not adopt her into a family that has young children or is looking for their “first dog”. ALL puppies require a family that is patient and knowledgeable when it comes to proper training. You cannot expect to properly train a puppy if you are planning on keeping it in a crate for 8 to 10 hours a day while you are at work. If you don’t have the time or commitment – then please adopt an older dog that is already housetrained and better suited to your accommodations.**

BREED: Basset Hound (possibly Corgi) mix
GENDER: Female (needs to be spayed)
AGE: Born 7/19/16
COLOR: Tri-color
BIO: Hi there, my name is Roxy. I was purchased at 8 weeks old by a family as a companion for their older Cocker Spaniel. My Mom thought she would be doing her other dog a big favor by getting him a companion to keep him company while she went back to work – however the Cocker Spaniel decided he would be much happier without me. I was just too puppy for him – he decided that he would prefer to be an only child. So, it was in everyone’s best interest that I be surrendered to SCBR so that I could get a loving home where I could be properly trained and cared for. I am crate trained, love to play, get along great with other dogs and am very social. I love to cuddle, go for walks and just be the puppy that I am. I am very intelligent, loving and obedient for my age. I am age appropriately UTD on all vaccinations. I am too young to be spayed, so you would have to sign a spay agreement in order to adopt me. I am pretty much housetrained, crate trained and micro-chipped (w/lifetime registration). I love to play with other dogs and children. Due to the fact I am so young and active, it is not recommended that I be adopted by a family with real young children. I wouldn’t intentionally hurt them, but I still have my baby teeth and am so full of energy that I could accidently scratch or inappropriately nibble on them if given the opportunity. I walk fairly well on a leash and love to play, go for walks and car rides. So if you are in the market for a new companion and best friend, I might be your girl. I am young enough that you could receive the rewards of properly training me and molding me into everything you have ever wanted. You must have a completely fenced and secure yard (not electric or invisible) in order to adopt me. I am currently being fostered in Almont, MI. Most likely cat friendly.